Das UAF gehört zu den besten Festivals Europas!

Laut Guardian schafft's das Festival in die Top-10!


Laut dem renommierten britischen Guardian zählt das Urban Art Forms zu den zehn besten Festivals Europas. Das macht uns unheimlich stolz.

Hier die Begründung: „There's not really a seemly way to say this so let's just have it out: Urban Art Forms is a huge mash-up in a field to some of the best electronic music you'll ever hear. It gets messy; there are a lot of good-looking people going nuts; it is everything you'd imagine to be contained within a "circus" without the lions. The festival, now in its 10th edition, has always been keen to celebrate visuals alongside the music – so while Chase & Status, Steve Aoki, Erwin and Edwin and Leftboy get your feet moving, your eyes will have a feast all of their own”.


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